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My chapter went out to lunch last week and we played a game called "Yes" that I got from the Party Game Central web site (submitted by Yarn Nicki, TN).

Every member gets a necklace when they arrive (I used red and purple Mardi Gras beads that I had from years ago, but you can use yarn instead for easy necklaces). Instruct players that they cannot say "yes", "yeah", "yup", "uh-huh", "si", or anything that means yes. The only thing they can do is shake their head to mean "yes". (I did make an exception when you were talking to the wait staff at the restaurant, so that we could make sure we got our orders right. Food is a greater priority than a game!!!) Everything else is considered saying it. If a player hears another player say "yes" or one of it's derivatives, they can take their necklace(s) from them (if a player has several they have to give them all up) and they become yours. The person with the most necklaces by the end of the party gets the prize.

You will be surprised at how many times you say "yes" in ordinary conversation!!! Those beads got passed around many, many times!!!! And lots of giggles got passed around with those beads!!!

If you want to win, just be sure to ask everybody if they had a good time right before you end the game, and everyone will say "YES!"


I've played a similar game when at parties. Only we use the words "me, my, or I". Try carrying on a normal conversation without saying these words, especially "I". Instead of necklaces, we used clothes pins. We also had a time limit of 15-20 minutes. We all went about mingling, talking, eating, etc. It's surprising how much we get caught up in conversation (especially when it pertains to ourselves) that we don't even notice how often we say these 3 words.

I played one similar to those too. At our Christmas party. You couldn't say Christmas, delicous or happy (I think they were the 3 words). I gave everyone 3 strings of red beads. Now, try having a Christmas party without saying those words!! It was hilarious.

A variation on the clothespin game - each lady is given a clothespin when she arrives. It is put at the hem or her skirt or top. If she crosses her legs, even just at the ankles, she looses her clothespin. The lady with the most clothespins at the end of the set time wins a prize.

You'll be surprised to discover how difficult it is not to cross your legs.

Bridal Showers and Baby Showers too. And it still works as a wonderful game or ice breaker. I give each person who arrives at the party a clothespin with a leaf (fall) or xmas themed something on it (like a snowflake or a red hat). Then when everyone has arrived I tell them to pin the clothespin on their shirt, pants or dress. If they see someone cross their legs - ask for their pin. Yes, if they have more than one you get them all. End of the party the one with the most pins gets the prize. (They can take their pins home or not.