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Although the RHS has no rules, they do have a request...

AT THE RECENT PALM SPRINGS RED HAT SOCIETY CONVENTION Queen Blabalot the opportunity to chat quietly with Sue Ellen Cooper. One of the things that Sue Ellen told me she is adamant about is knowing who the red hatters are, rather than the “total number of members.” She said that they do not share the membership list so why are we reluctant to provide them with this information? The RHS web site is “secure” so there should be no worry with providing your chapter member information. If they do not have this information then they say you are not a member of the RHS!!

Purple Perks members can attend official Red Hat Society events, and will receive the Friday Broadcast via email.

They encourage you to please provide them with your chapter’s information on your members. They need each members name, address, phone number and email address. Please, if you'd rather not do this or your members have no interest in attending official RHS events or using other Perks it is your right as Chapter Queen to decide if you wish to submit this information. Although Sue Ellen says they will not sell your address and information, they may use it for promotions such as their credit card, travel company offers, etc.

WARNING !!!!! If you register the member sof your chapter on the RHS website roster.... YOU, the QM can NOT remove them.... One QM reported that a member of her chapter was irate over the huge amount of spam/junk mail she was receiving after being listed, all pushing for her to become a Purple Perks members. ONLY the member can remove her name and to do this she must be a PP members... in other words:
 to remove herself from the mailing list she must PAY $20.00 

From the Red Hat Society:


Answer: Anyone who is part of a registered RHS chapter whose information (name, address and email) has been submitted for inclusion in the Hatquarters database is a member of the Red Hat Society in the eyes of Hatquarters. With this information we will know who our members are and – as all membership groups do – be able to keep them in the loop. There isn't a group in the world that acknowledges someone as a "member" without having a record of them. It's time that we know how many members we actually have!

If you have names to add to your chapter roster, you can do it yourself online, using the "Add Members to Chapter" link in your member profile. If you are unable to do this online you can, of course, send us a list by regular mail.

You may confidently and truthfully assure your chapterettes that their information is 100% safe with us. We do not - under any circumstances – share or divulge anyone's private information with anyone. But we really do need to know who our members are!

From: Queen to Queens Broadcast – 12/31/2007


As mentioned last month, Hatquarters is still trying to get our membership records in order. A "member" of the RHS is defined as anyone who: 1) belongs to a registered chapter, and 2) has her name and contact information in the RHS computer "vault" (i.e. in Hatquarters' records). Anyone who is playing with your chapter needs to let us know who she is!

We are still encountering problems, far too frequently, which would be so easily solved if we had complete records of our membership! If your chapterettes can't do this themselves, please offer to do it for them. You can do it on line at any time. All of this information will be kept totally private.

QUEENS :  To manage your chapter online:  Click here

LOGIN to your MEMBER ACCOUNT with your username/password (upper left lavender box on the homepage).

To Add members to your roster --
Enter member information one member at a time. As you finish each one, a list will display with those you have added so far, as well as buttons to add another member (general or Perks). ** Do not hit the BACK button at any time, you will lose what you’ve entered.** When you are done entering members, be sure you’ve read Terms & Conditions, then check the boxes that you agree and CONTINUE. An “Additional Items” ordering page will display. Even if you don’t buy anything on this page, click CONTINUE at the bottom.

To make CHAPTER changes --
Go to VIEW/MODIFY MY PROFILE (If you’re the Queen, this is the chapter profile).
Make changes and UPDATE PROFILE when done.

To make MEMBER changes --
Click on MODIFY next to the person’s name you wish to change. Make changes and UPDATE PROFILE when done. If you wish to delete this member, click on DELETE THIS MEMBER and OK.
** Members with expiration dates cannot be modified, please contact Member Services for assistance. (See Contact Us link on the homepage, left side).

If you have trouble with page 2 of the member list --
The work-around is — when you finish working on page 1, go back to the beginning..... CHAPTER ROSTER and list / modify page 2 by itself.

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