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Note emailed to all Queen Mothers from Sue Ellen Cooper  re "What to Wear" dated  June 1, 2006


No rules, but strong guidelines: there is a distinction. Yes, our members are expected to wear the proper regalia colors - red hats and purple clothes. No, the sky will not fall if a chapterette occasionally wears black or white pants or skirt with her purple shirt or blouse. Maybe she doesn't have the money for a head-to-toe purple outfit (although, since we do encourage thrift-store shopping, that shouldn't remain an issue for long). Maybe her purple pants are in the wash. Let's allow different "versions" of purple too. After all, we don't want to blend together like we're wearing camouflage! Let's cut each other just a little slack in this area.

But, if any member consistently refuses to wear full regalia, then she is making it clear that she really isn't interested in being a member of the Red Hat Society. Sporting the colors is how we make ourselves identifiable to the world, and to each other. It seems little enough to ask.

WHAT TO WEAR  whether you are a  RED HAT OR PINK HAT -

What the Red Hat Society website says on it's web site:

The spirit of the Red Hat Society forbids rules, per se. There is,
however, ONE inflexible guideline that we must insist upon:

You must be a woman of 50 or over (or you may be a Pink Hatter under
50), and you must attend functions in full regalia, (red hat, purple
outfit for women 50 and over, or pink hat and lavender outfit for
women under 50).

Ladies are strongly encouraged to follow these color guidelines, and
to NOT wear purple/red until they have reached THE BIRTHDAY. This
adds an element of fun to aging, which we think is invaluable to
women in our society who have learned to dread aging and avoid it at
all costs. We believe that aging should be something anticipated with
excitement, not something to dread.


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