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It has been brought to my attention that at a recent meeting of Queen Mothers they were apparently told they did not need chapter insurance - that a waiver was sufficient "protection".

THIS IS NOT TRUE... and if you have ANY doubts, please check with your lawyer.

If you plan to use a waiver, have your lawyer review it first. Just a step of precaution worth taking. The waiver, to be worth the paper itís written on, must contain very specific wording.

If you are using the old waiver that was posted on the B.C. Redhatters web site (circulated in the fall to chapters in BC by someone on Van. Is.) - it is not sufficient. I explained to her the day she sent it out that it was incorrect as I had accidentally posted our old waiver. I had hired a lawyer to review the waiver and was told it was not sufficient. 

I hired the lawyer to write a new waiver and was told we actually need TWO WAIVERS:



Our Queen Bees and Queen's Council had meetings with 3 lawyers and 3 insurance representatives, including specialists in areas of commercial liability and a claims expert. The results of the seminar and meetings:

Again, when in doubt, consult your lawyer.

It makes the insurance seem well worth the $8-10 doesn't it?

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