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From the RHS Queens Message Board


As a Queen of a Red Hat chapter I am always trying to come up with new things to do with the lovely ladies of the Realm. We will be having a Victorian Box Lunch Picnic and Auction this summer.

Box-- Take a shoe box and wrap the bottom and the lid separately so that it can be opened without wrecking the lovely wrapping. Add an outrageously huge and lovely bow/with flowers/pearls etc to the lid.

Paper Purse-- I found inexpensive white ones in a catalogue that the ladies will decorate to suit themselves. Inside put a small zip lock bag with play money. I will throw in a few coins I brought back from travels. So they can try to figure out how much a franc is. Some will have more money than others. Some will nave very little.

Lunch to put into box____ Small ice pack in something that wont leak to keep cold things cold. Napkin, fresh flower corsage for the lady, salt/pepper pickles, chicken salad croissant with nuts, hard cooked egg, spinach salad with strawberries, slivered almonds an raspberry vinaigrette, cake, wine glass, small bottle of wine, Dove chocolate bar. EXAMPLE

Auction---The Queen has a gavel and the highest bid gets the box.
There are two gag boxes. One will have plastic play food like in kindergarten kitchens and the other will be all junk foods.

I will let you know how it works out. There is a lot of interest in this event!

I thought you might like to hear about how the event went.

The girls had boxes wrapped so pretty. Some in fabric. Some were done in wicker or woven baskets with lids, one in a red purse, one in a pie basket with the recipe for pumpkin pie, a china plate with pie and matching linen napkin. They kept saying how much fun it was to put the basket together.

Inside were bottles of wine with glasses, or peach Snapple, black current juice, Small thermos of coffee, etc.

Sandwiches, with little containers of salads from deli or home made. Ice cubes in zip lock bags to keep things cool, deviled eggs, pickles and olives, cashews, chocolates, chips of all kinds and cakes, brownies, pies, éclairs, cheesecake etc.

The two gag gift boxes were a hit. Especially when they got a really nice lunch box also!

The item that got a squeal of delight was a water vial from a florist with a fresh rose and button mums in it.

They loved the Queen with her gavel. "Sold to the lovely lady in the Red Hat!" This is one they want to do again and again!