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Ladies, we all love to shop and what's more fun than shopping for Red Hat "stuff"

Have a Red Hat Swap & Shop on-line or an in-home party!
If you have red hat clothing or jewelry, accessories etc. you no longer use, why not re-cycle among other red hatters. Send a  .jpg photo of your item and an email address and we can post it here on the web or host your own party at home.  Leftovers could then be donated to a local charity/goodwill shop.

You can order LOTS of items on the Red Hat Society web site  at the Imperium....    or you can order on your own through  and   and the many many other web sites... we'll list a few here..  We are just making a suggestion that this method of ordering merchandise is a possibility for us. Gail in Penticton loves this web site: for red hat treasures.

Penny in Langley said: "I make red hats. You can custom order them too. I don't make  much money on them maybe $10.00 I just enjoy doing them.  They range from $12.00 to $55.00 most of them are really unique. And you can get a realy great hat for $35.00, also do little ones for  summer and evening wear. If any one is interested please bring your ladies over, and come for tea. Penny Moon 604 882 1280 - 22116 88th. Ave Langley.

Anna, Queen of the Castlegar Feline’s Fancy Cats:  I too found a shortage of funky red hats, so I make them.  I will send you some pics if anyone is interested.  My hats are custom made to suit the person’s personality and or hobby. There are no 2 alike and are fully adorned complete with tulle, ostrich feathers, roses, etc. If anyone is interested, just email me at and we can chat further for your requirements.

(the following are red hat web sites - not official red hat merchandise perhaps but web sites referred by some of you)

Hats etc. in Canada

(Michael offered 10% off to anyone who mentions "Lyndas red hatters"  More Designs - #108-11786 River Road, Richmond, BC Canada V6X 3Z3 Tel: (604)276-8607 , Fax: (604)276-8615 , E-mail:

We do ship to Canada. I would need an address to estimate the actual
shipping cost of an order. As an example a 3 lb. Package shipped from Lima Ohio (where we are located) to Edmonton Canada would cost about $9.84 and arrive in about five days. If you would like to place an order, please email me back and I will estimate the shipping cost based on the weight of the order. Brenton Basinger Office: 567.940.4287   Email:

red hats and scarves: 


Red Hat (red & purple) kazoos - Kazoobie Kazoos. 6520 Industrial Avenue Suite 4, Port Richey, FL 34668  - 1-800-326-0358 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST

$1.50US ($1.85cdn)each + taxes + shipping  - no  mimimum order

Hats/Jewelery etc.

We do ship to Canada. Norma

Red Hat “STUFF”  sign up for their newsletter – check out the red boa visor – great stuff  Currently we are shipping into Canada, Kevin

From Elizabeth
Happy Hatters Boutique
Note:  they will ship to Canada and as an example - a 3lb package to Edmonton
would be $9.84

Official Red Hat Merchadise  available at

the license plate holder is one of the many items they sell... 
$5.00 US + shipping, taxes, handling etc. NOTE: This does NOT fit the B.C. lic. plate.


In checking local stores here pins were running approx. $28.00 which seemed high as the same pins were $8-12US in the USA when I checked last month. Buying in bulk can mean good discounts for us! Finding "red Hat' items in Canada is "challenging" and prices are quite high. The following items are a sampling of what we can order.  

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