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ROAD RALLY from Queen Debi of Claus s Red Hatters

The main idea for the rally is to choose your final destination (usually a restaurant) 

Then you begin from your starting point where all check in and then make out a route.  You need someone to help you on this.  My husband and I do them together.  Once you have selected a basic route then you go over it and write the route in a riddle or question answer format.   You must also do a cover story which they read first with permanent instructions.  Like always make a right hand turn unless instructed otherwise.  Addendums always take precedence.  etc.  You can write in a story around something you want them to find for bonus points.  But that doesn't need to be extremely obvious.  We wrote one cover story about the Greek Marathons and in the story talked about how many will you run by today.  We were basically asking for them to count how many marathon gas stations they passed by.  Well the route should be numbered and then the questions are all varied with some answers to fill in.   And some can be tricky.  We did one where the question needing an answer was at this corner which direction on a compass is the school sitting.  Well everyone put down the NW corner, but the joke was the school could only be seen from that corner, not on the corner.  Other things you can write a riddle to have them find things or how to turn.  For instance there was a Peter Pan restaurant on a corner where we wanted them to turn, and we wrote the question as  Turn right where Wendy's friend is.... dont get Hooked up here.  You need to station a couple of checkpoints along the way with someone waiting there to check them in.  Usually we have a hidden clue there.  We use a poster board with a huge check and a period drawn on it so they know it is a checking in area.  Once time we had them stop at an ice factory to purchase ice.  It was at night and it was closed but our checkpoint was in front of the building with a cooler with ice cubes in it that they had to buy for a dime.  The next clue was inside the ice cube.  I typed and laminated it and they had to figure out a way to melt the cube.  It was hysterical to watch and take a few pictures of what some will do.  Anyway, All they needed to do was to place the cube on the hot hood or engine.  You could make them do silly things like a Mae west routine to get a kiss and then give them a small bag with Hershey kisses with the next clue folded tiny and rewrapped on the bottom and then make them open them to find the clue and then give extra points at the end for the hand-ins. This should be on the cover sheet about anything collected should be turned in at the end for points.  You wouldn't believe how many will turn in the bag, the note, but will have eaten the candy.  They just groan when they hear they were supposed to turn in the kisses.  You also should give each group three emergency envelopes, in case they get lost.  But they are sealed and they are told they lose points if they open them, but they are there as a precaution.  1st one directs them how to get exactly to 1st checkpoint, second envelopes directs them to the 2nd checkpoint and the third takes them to the final destination.  Usually they lose like 20-30 points for opening them.  Also make sure they know that at all times they follow the laws for driving.  You have your judges go over the papers in the end and award trophies and prizes.


1st Annual Red Ruckus Road Rally.


There were 30 of us in attendance. We had 6 Queens, and 6 chapters represented. Since I was short-handed (everyone wanted to play) we let some hubbys be clue givers or photographers at some of the locations.

On our little race about town we made our rowdy red presence known, creating a Red Ruckus at 8 locations about town. Following are some highlights of the great race!

We met at the marketplace at 10:00 to check in and get instructions for the race. Then we rolled our red & purple fuzzy dice to determine the starting order of our 10 teams. Queen Sissy La-La met them at Unique Accents in the new Design Center called Surroundings. Queen Sissy’s friends Mike Stelow & his girlfriend Marsha, the photographers with the clues, had just beat her there so the teams had already posed for their pictures, dramatically advertising Linda Dart’s lovely red hat items. Since everyone had found the first location so easily, they were all there anxiously awaiting their next clue, so we proceeded to roll the dice again out on the front sidewalk, and off they went to look for their next location.

At Carol’s Consignments (a consignment store with an entire section devoted to red & purple goodies for us) they had to sing a song in a language other than their own, and they had the sales clerk, little Andrea (our newest Pinkie), in stitches, kazooing and singing Frere’ Jacque, La Cucaracha, La Bamba, and even a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday in Pig Latin!

For our next ruckus, we turned Fire Station 61 upside down, with Red Hatters all hitting the location nearly at the same time, running around the firehouse looking for firemen to kiss, and exchanging their red hats for firefighter hats (there was a bonus of 15 minutes shaved off the total time if they brought back a picture with a fireman wearing their hat and them wearing his hat.) The firemen were totally cooperative, wonderful, and played along with us all. A huge thank you to the adorable Captain Shuler and all the firefighters at Station 61for allowing our Red Ruckus to go on at their firehouse.

Sitting under the clock tower at the Kern County Museum was Queen Sissy La-La’s boyfriend Kent who handed out the next clues - which had been laminated, folded up and FROZEN inside a Styrofoam cup. I wish I could have seen their faces when they saw that, but nothing stops these women, and they proceeded to throw the block of ice down on the ground and against the wall and stomped it until they got their clues and off they ran.

The next clue had them heading east to the Old Corral Cafe (used to be Ethel’s) where they’d been instructed to have their picture taking sitting ON the counter in front of a sign behind the bar that stated “No Pissy Attitudes”. Natalie, the new owner, had thoughtfully blocked off three stools in front of the sign just for our girls. The regulars at the Corral were highly entertained watching our colorful crews try to climb up onto the counter (one got one cheek on and announced that was all that would fit). Brand new chapter Queen Donna Schwartz and her hubby Jeff were our photographers here - Jeff said it was great fun getting to tell all these women what to do and have them just do it with no backtalk – said he wasn’t used to that (hee-hee).

Southward then to Bob’s Bait Bucket where Princess Prissy’s hubby John Sheehan was waiting to photograph them with Pete, a ZZ Top clone who works at the store. He has a long white beard down to the middle of his chest and is a real character. He said it was great fun and he enjoyed every minute of it.

The last place to pick up a clue was Sugardaddy’s, where Sherry had decked out her front window completely with Red Hat goodies. Here they had to sing the Tigger song from Winnie the Pooh in order to get a clue. Kim, the sales girl, told me they all did it except one group who didn’t know the song, but she said “they bribed me with brownies and some other cute red hat stuff and it worked, because it was just so cute I couldn’t pass it up.” You go girls!

Their last stop was the Marketplace fountain where the teams rolled in right behind each other as fast as we could record their time. Everyone turned in their cameras for Mike & Marsha to download - unfortunately the laptop battery died so we didn’t get to show them all, but I’ll be putting them on the website within a few days at the most for everyone to enjoy. While the scores were being tabulated, we all spread out and grabbed some lunch (and answered lots of questions about who we were) and sat down to chat about our adventures that day. And the stories we heard!

One team grabbed a police officer to have their picture taken with him (for another bonus of 15 minutes off their time) and when they went to ask a woman standing near him to take the picture, they discovered she was sobbing! After a red hat hug and a “what’s the matter, honey?” she explained that she had just been robbed (which explained the policeman’s presence). Then this poor sweet thing sucked it up and took the picture for the red hatters anyway. What a trooper!

Another team was so persuasive with a police officer that even though he had a prisoner locked in the back of his car, he still took the time to pose with our girls and have his picture taken with them. Ah, our men in blue – don’t we love ‘em!

Another bonus point was to bring back a photo of the entire team with a live animal that was NOT a dog, a cat, or a fish. Five of our enterprising red hatters brought back photos with a horse, a lop-eared rabbit, a macaw, a guinea pig, and a gecko!

The team that got the picture with the macaw tells me they looked up pet shops in the phone book and found an aviary on Ming, but when they got there a sign on the door said “I’m next door” so one of them ran to get her to let them in and take their picture with a bird. Terri said Brenda had hold of her arm and was literally ‘dragging’ this confused-looking lady back to her store, talking a mile a minute the whole time trying to explain why they needed her to HURRY!!! It paid off, though and hey- they got the picture.

In all there were 3 teams who came back with all three of the bonus point items, shaving off a whopping 45 minutes from their total time. The winners were the Red Hatted Rascals, Rogues & Scalawags, who took home $290 cash. And listen to this – they are donating it all to some of their chapterettes who are on fixed incomes, so they can join them to go to the next RHS convention. Don’t you love Red Hatters? I think Sue Ellen Cooper calls that a “Scarlet Sparkle” – a touching story.

The “Booby Prize” went to the Red Hat Ladies of the Lake (from Lake Isabella). It was a lovely red and gold trophy with a large pair of “boobies” wrapped around it, be-decked in red glittered top hat pasties. Queen Glynda Meyers said they were “the biggest boobies I’ve ever had!”

I had a ball – I’ve been on a “fun high” for days. This was a TON of work, but it was SO worth it. The whole town is talking about us, and they're running an article with 10 pictures in Bakersfield M

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