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Most members already have their red hats but for some of the newer chapters, they are perplexed at the lack of red hats available.
Like many Red Hat Society women, I am always searching for places in Canada to buy Red Hat merchandise and I've managed to get us a nice little deal on red hats.

Please note I do not get anything for making these arrangements or passing
this information on - it's only done as a goodwill gesture.

I've found a place with mail-order hats in Canada (offices in Vancouver and
Calgary) and they have hats in red and the prices don't seem too bad

I am also attaching their latest brochure which is not yet released and it
too has red hats.
If ladies go to  and order a red hat, or if they find
something in this attached brochure (not yet released to the public) they
will get a 10% discount.

Michael has asked that any ladies placing an order mention "Lynda's red
hatters" so that he will know to give the discount. They do not normally
discount their merchandise like this.

The company contact is:
 More Designs -
#108-11786 River Road, Richmond, BC Canada V6X 3Z3
Tel: (604)276-8607 , Fax: (604)276-8615 , E-mail:

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