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Queen to Queens Broadcast - 01/03/2009

Your Majesties,


New isn't always better. This year, instead of adopting shiny new goals, how about challenging ourselves anew to meet (extremely important) goals left over from last year and the years before? How about renewing our vows to enjoy RECESS this year, if possible, even more than we have in the past? It is so easy to allow the harsher realities of our lives to crowd out the importance of having FUN and nurturing friendships with those whose companionship helps to make it happen. All of those things that we "must" or "should" do will always try to do more than shove their way to the top of our priority list; they will try to be the whole list. If that happens, life will get a little (maybe a lot) greyer. That's why we need the Red Hat Society, and our chapterettes to keep all of us vigilant against the threat of too much unrelieved seriousness.

So let's get serious about returning to finding the joy in life.

"NOW PLAYING!" The ladies of the Red Hat Society!

In keeping with getting back to recess, our theme for 2009 will be "NOW PLAYING!" All year long, everything we plan will revolve around this theme. Perhaps your chapter would like to brainstorm a little bit about activities that are just plain fun, the kinds of things you all did when you were little girls. Go have relay races in the park or have a board game night at someone's home. Have a slumber party or have everyone bring a favourite toy from their childhood to share.