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QUESTION....received from a chapter in central Canada

Wondered what your opinion is on allowing non-RHS members attend your RHS events. Do you request that they include their chapter ID # when they register? What about chapters here in Canada who ONLY register with the Cdn Sisterhood? Are they allowed to attend your events, too? This matter has come up for discussion more than once here and we're not sure just how to handle it. Some feel that since those of us who paid our membership with the national RHS are entitled to attend all RHS events (as indicated in the queens handbook) - and many others feel that we're discriminating against others because they've chosen not to pay into a membership fee. Where do you draw the line?.
Send us your comments!

Who can attend what? "We didn't know other chapters "opened their doors and hearts" to other provincial chapters. Wish we had before booking to attend some events in the USA if there is an opportunity right here in our own backyard to meet our sister chapters."

Yes, you can often attend the functions of other chapters and also invite others to your events. I hope that you'll all be good and post notices on this web site of your chapter  "happenings" that are open to other "red hatters". There is often confusion in new chapters as to who is allowed to attend some functions, conventions etc. If they are posted on the Red Hat Society's web site under state/provincial then they are open to anyone.  Wish we had before booking to attend some events in the USA if there is an opportunity right here in our own backyard to meet our sister chapters.

How does your chapter handle finances?

This is a biggie and often asked by new chapters. Many chapters charge an annual membership fee and I would imagine some charge a one-time membership fee. From this fee the chapter pays for the annual membership in the Red Hat Society (approx. $45/Cdn) and then they often deduct expenses such as decorations for events, tickets and/or publicity for events, maybe a card for a death in the family or maybe even birthday cards for the members. As there are "no rules" in the Red Hat Society, each chapter can decide how they best want to handle finances. Perhaps you might want to help subsidize some of the older women in your chapter who are on a tight fixed income. They one thing that does seem frowned upon by many, is using chapter's monies for a particular charity.

Do we have to wear all purple?

Again, we remind you that there are no rules so you can do what you want. Many chapters wear all purple but some wear "some" purple and a few don't care as long as you wear a red hat. But of course, what type of hat is of interest too. It might be as simple as a red baseball cap, a red visor, a red hair band, Or - as elaborate as can be! Anything goes!

I've notice that most Chapter have  'Rambling Ruby' or some other cute red hat graphic but where do we get them? 

If you see the Red Hat logo or Ruby on the official web site and want to use it on your web site or notices and you are a registered red hat chapter then you can copy them easily to your computer. Right click on the graphic, and then click on "save picture as" and then save it to a file folder on your computer (usually in "my pictures" under "my documents". It's that east! Check the instructions on the Red Hat Society's web site for complete details on logos and use of.


A couple of chapters that are brand spanking new are looking for help in ideas for the "initial meeting" and inductions of officers etc. How to make it "official and fun"

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