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In January, 2005,  I invited the 3 other Queen Mother's in my town to a lunch. I decided to include a woman in a nearby town as she and I had been corresponding on some red hat matters. She then suggested I include another Queen from another nearby town. Six of us had a wonderful luncheon and lots of laughs. We also created quite a stir in the restaurant in our red hats and purple "regalia". The moment we were in the car we started asking each other questions: "How do you do this, how do you handle that, what about this... on and on"
Well it was such a popular idea we decided to do it again in February and suddenly word was spreading and 15 of us met for lunch. We suggested meeting in different towns but everyone felt my hometown was smack dab in the middle and we should meet here.
Because some come so far, we encourage them to bring their Vice-Queen so they have company on the drive. Unfortunately, we've grown to be such a large group, this is getting to be a problem but as QM's meet others, they can now car pool with other QM's.

We now have 80+ chapters who have asked to be included in these luncheon get-togethers. (see below)

We recently honoured our "Founding Queen Mothers" with beautiful rhinestone "Queen's Council" pins. We also presented a rhinestone pin to the founder of the first chapter in Kelowna, Lois Matthews who brought the idea of "red hatting" north after discovering the Red Hat Society while a snowbird in Arizona.

*We discuss anything and everything to do with red hats - each meeting ends with an "Open Forum" :
*Where to buy Red Hat "stuff" - we share information on vendors and stores that are local and carry red hat itens
*Do you charge dues - share how your chapter is "run" - rules or no-rules?
*What to do when members don't come to events
*How to dye clothes and where to find them
*We share ideas for activities
*We plan events and share ideas and plan some events that are open to all the chapters
*We plan luncheons, events, and conventions
*We share ideas of upcoming events that are of interest to our chapters
*We help each other with computer issues

you get the idea... there is SO much to talk about - always!

All Queen Mothers in the Thomson-Okanagan Area are welcome and encouraged to attend to share friendship, ideas and just plain ole' good times with their sister red hatters. Full regalia of course please! Gloves optional!

If a Queen Mum isn't able to attend, she is welcome to send someone else from her chapter as her representative.  If you are driving from out of town, feel free to bring your Vice Queen Mum or another member of your chapter.

  Don't forget your camera!