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PJ  PARTY - something every Red Hat Chapter should try !

Have the party at a member's home on a Saturday morning or in a hotel room/party room or an overnight - whatever - just do it! Everyone comes dressed in their pj's.  Give a prize for the funniest hat or pjs.

P.J. brunch at a local restaurant is popular with red hatters. Sing Red Hat songs, maybe some readings by a psychic, or make-overs by a local spa or hire a masseuse for the event for mini massages. Try reflexology, hand parafanning, and skin exfoliating. You just can't have too much fun!

Don't forget to wear your "maxi pad slippers" (instruction are on this web site!)  silly red hats and hair rollers and kerchiefs and flashing false teeth!

Once you do it you'll love it and not think twice the next time.Remind them that they will be far more covered-up than they are in summer when they go out to eat in summer clothes, so what's the big deal!?!?!

If you have some scairdy-cats, arrange for them to drive there together so they don't have to walk in alone wondering if anyone else is there. - after that its all downhill, so many laughs! Stroll thru the restaurant just to enjoy the dropped jaws and laughter. The other patrons get a big kick out of it, which is what makes it fun. Give maxi-pad slippers as favors or as a prize for best PJ hat. There is a PJ-based personality profile game available online you can print out - or many other things.

Have everyone bring, in a brown paper bag, something they take to bed at night. Labeled them 1-12 and then give the girls a paper and pen and as you remove the items from the bag they have to guess who they belong too. Lots of fun and a ton of Laughs.

Have it with a swim party at a someones. Swim and Slumber. Everyone brings a homemade beauty remedy. Search on the Internet for "beauty recipe" and you will find lots. Fun Fun Fun.

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