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British Columbia RED HAT PINS These are great pins to use to exchange when visiting other Red Hat chapters and conventions not to mention just plain pretty to wear ourselves! Alberta has a "red Hatters" provincial pin as do Manitoba and Ontario.
Osoyoos "Crimson Cougars" Chapter makes the newspaper. See the attached article on the their chapter.
Hats and more...
Contact Red Hatter Anna  to see the custom hats she makes from her home in Castlegar.
Penny Moon another Red Hatter also makes custon hats and she is in Langley.
A commercial hat company at has offered a 10% discount to us if you mention Lynda's red hatters. No - I don't get anything for it - he just wanted some way to know that you were a B.C. Red Hat Chapter, so that is what he asked people say if they are placing an order.
Web Site   For information on Red Hatter events in and around B.C. check here often: Apologies for the ads at the top and bottom of the web site - but that's the price of getting a "freebie" web site. Some of the pages are: Event Listings (what red hat events are happening in B.C.), Chapter News & Scuttlebutt, games and ideas for meetings and parties, red hat reading materials, hat sizing and information, how to bake a red hat cake or make maxi-pad slippers and other ideas, etc. There have been over 1,000 visitors to this web site!

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