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Dinner Rules Given to Guest:
* you will be served 5 courses containing 5 items in the order selected.
* We insist each course be finished before the next is served.
* Place 5 ones (#1) by the first course items, 5 twos (#2) by the second course items and so on.
* No number may be eliminated or used more than once.
* All utensils and food will be removed after each course.
* Don't worry about etiquette - it's impossible!

1. Jersey's Best 2. Steamed Glacier 3. Irish Eyes 4. Divided Branches 5. Exotic Blubber
6. Pucker Power 7. Jack 8. Sailor's Crumbs 9. Degreaser 10. Beau's Dream
11. Rolling Stones 12. Old Remedy 13. Lover's Delight 14. Bats and Balls 15. Palate's Paradise
16. Autumn Leaves 17. Farmer's Alarm 18. Perfect Pitch 19. Soaker 20. Cat's Eyes
21. Devil's Horns 22. Golden Rods 23. Pine Forest 24. Liquid Gold 25. Cool Conclusion
Planning Tips:
* when sending invitations ask for an RSVP so you know exactly how many will attend.
* Copy enough menus so each guest has one. Put guest's name at top.
* Plan on at least one server for every four people, as each meal will be different.
* Use paper plates, cups, bowls, and silverware, as they will be thrown out after each course.
* Take your time serving ... enjoy the suspense.

Actual Menu
1. Ice Cream 2. Water 3. Baked Potato 4. Fork 5. Jell-O
6. Pickle 7. Knife 8. Crackers 9. Napkin 10. Spoon
11. Meatballs 12. Chicken Soup 13. Candy Kiss 14. Carrot sticks & Peas 15. Cupcake
16. Salad 17. Chicken 18. Fork 19. Napkin 20. Olives
21. Fork 22. Spaghetti 23. Toothpick 24. Orange Juice 25. Milk


Mystery Dinner Directions...........
As each guest arrives they are given the following letter:
Welcome to our Mystery Dinner. Dinner will consist of three courses. For the first course select 6 items from the menu below, for the second and third, select 5 items from the menu. Place the numbers that correspond to the items you've selected, in the spaces next to the letters below. No duplicates allowed! You will be served only those items selected for each course.
Among the items you are to select are such items as your utensils, which you will try to have on your items for the first course, needless to say. You must make off your course selections before the meal begins and turn this form into your maitre de. (NOTE: this was the husband)
We surely hope you enjoy your meal (if you can figure out what you are ordering). Good luck!
(NOTE: I will put what each item actually is at the end. Of course, your guests will have no idea what each item is until it is served to them, so only you will know the answers.)
1. The rippers choice
2. Hot eyes underground
3. Hug and kiss
4. Uh Huh
5. Sporty English gal
6. A sleepy relative
7. A Roman mix-up
8. Polly's delight
9. A wedding tradition
10. Georgia injection
11. Farmer's friend
12. George Washington's Demise
13. Provincial spear
14. Smiles galore
15. A small raise
16. A little piece of ----
Put your selections on the chart below:
Course 1 - Course 2 - Course 3

A______ A______ A______
B______ B______ B______
C______ C______ C______
D______ D______ D______
E______ E______ E______
NOTE: For an example, someone might choose 1, 2, 11, 12, 14, 16 for their first course and you would give them a knife, water, toothpick, cherry cheesecake, cheese, and baked potato. They are served exactly what they specify on the chart.
The answers to the menu are:
1. knife
2. baked potato
3. spoon
4. Pepsi (the man who had this dinner is an employee of Pepsi)
5. Cornish game hen
6. napkin
7. Caesar salad
8. cracker
9. wild rice
10. peach schnapps shot
11. water
12. cherry cheesecake
13. fork
14. cheese
15. bread
16. wood (toothpick)
NOTE: Of course you make up your own menu with the appropriate clues to choose from, but this will give you an idea of what to do.

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