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British Columbia Chapters of the Red Hat Society

 CAPRI INSURANCE SERVICES LTD. will be acting on behalf of the British Columbia chapters of the Red Hat Society, to put together insurance policies for our chapters. Chapters will be merged into groups (clusters) to share the cost of each policy, underwritten by AVIVA Insurance Company of Canada .  

  • Commercial General Liability with an each occurrence limit of $2,000,000
  • General Liability Aggregate Limit $5,000,000
  • Including Personal & Bodily Injury
  • Tenants Legal Liability $100,000
  • Medical Payments $10,000
  • Non-Owned Automobile $1,000,000
  • Including Cross Liability and Volunteers as Additional Insureds

 EACH Policy (cluster) will cost $1,188.00 and will be formed with

a maximum of 8 Chapters OR a maximum of 250 people


 Policies will be formed by either putting together up to 8 chapters or a maximum of 250 ladies.

The total cost of the policy will be divided equally. Every effort will be made to keep each persons rate for insurance to approx. $5-6 but if we do not have enough to fill a cluster it may go as high as $10. It is in your best benefit to get your application in as quickly as possible.

If one cluster formed is 8 chapters, each chapter would pay $148.50 ($1188 divided by 8).  If the cluster is 6 chapters, the cost would be $198.00 per chapter. ($1188 divided by 6)

 If a cluster formed has 250 ladies but only 3 chapters, each person would pay $4.80 ($1188 divided by 250).  If the cluster is 175 people, the cost would be $6.80 per person. ($1188 divided by 175). 

It is either a maximum of 8 chapters or a maximum of 250 people. There will not be a cluster of 8 chapters with 500 people nor will there be a cluster of 250 people with 10 chapters.

 Premiums per chapter will vary, depending on how many chapters are in a cluster or how many individuals are in a cluster. Every effort will be made to offer the best prices subject to the number of enrollments and the clusters they are able to form. The earlier your application is received the better chance to be in a “full” cluster.

Say the chapter “The Red Hat Roses” is a chapter of 30 ladies.
If they were in a cluster of 5 chapters they would pay $1188 divided by 5 = $237.60
Divide the $237.60 by the 30 ladies and they would pay $7.92 each
If they were in a cluster of 240 ladies each person would pay $1188 divided by 240 = $4.95 each.



Ø       We are working with:  Crissy Cuddihy, Capri Insurance Services Ltd., 204-1835 Gordon Drive , Kelowna , B.C. V1Y 3H5,   250-860-2426   

Ø       The carrier for the insurance is AVIVA INSURANCE COMPANY  

Ø       Please note that if you are having an event where alcohol is being consumed/sold, additional coverage may be required.  Capri Insurance can supply you with information on this.  Please check with Ms Cuddihy directly for costs.    

Ø       Each chapter within each cluster will be notified of their share of their premium. You will be notified in mid-March of the exact amount your chapter owes. Payment will be due no later than two weeks after notification of payment amount.  

Ø       Your chapter will receive a copy of Aviva’s insurance policy once payments are received and processed.  

Ø       Your application must be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $10 (per chapter) and the list of your members to be included in the policy.  

Ø       It is highly recommended that you add the insurance fee to your annual membership fee and make if compulsory for all of your members.  

Ø       Insurance is not mandatory for participation in the Queen’s Council.  

Ø       The $10 administration fee will entitle each chapter to receive copies of the 2007 Waivers.



Commercial General Liability (CGL) This is the main crux of any liability policy which covers bodily injury and/or property damage caused by an insured person under the policy to the limit of the policy.  It also picks up defense costs of a lawyer assigned to defend you by the company (AVIVA).

Each Occurrence Limit This is the limit of liability insurance the policy offers on a per claim basis.  E.g. If there was a claim on March 1, 2007, $2,000,000.00 would be available.  Should there be a second claim, not related to March 1, 2007, on April 1, 2007 then another $2,000,000.00 will be available.

Personal and Advertising Injury It’s the same concept as slander and libel.  Basically anything derogatory aimed at a third party (either by saying it or writing it) which would cause the third party to lose their good name or lose financially in some way.

General Liability Aggregate Limit This would be the total amount of liability coverage offered from the CGL, Personal/Advertising Limit, Tenants Legal Liability, and Non-Owned Automobile Liability

Tenant's Legal Liability (TLL) If you rent a room or hall for a function and enter into a contract with the owner you are responsible if damage is caused by you or your guests to the room or building.  The issue of care, custody, and control comes into play here.

Non Owned Auto (NOA)  If you ask one of your members to run an errand for you, and they have an accident while doing so, it is possible that the third party could name you in their lawsuit because the member was asked to run this errand on your behalf or on behalf of the RHS.  This is how lawyers sue nowadays.  Although you are innocent, you would still have to hire a lawyer and defend your actions in court.

Deductible This would be your (Insured) portion of the loss.  E.g. If the damages from a claim was valued at $10,000 the Insured would be responsible for the first $1,000 (depends on the amount stated in the policy) the Insurance Company would cover the remaining $9,000

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