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A Queen Mother in Victoria keeps lists of chapters in B.C. and if you wish to join her mailing list to receive copies, feel free to do so. She does send out notices of chapter events.

Sue Ellen Cooper has encouraged us to please use the RHS web site to obtain information on upcoming events and to send invitations to other chapters.

You should not have to sign a document such as that QM requires in order to receive invitations from other chapters to attend local red hat events.

I urge you to use the RHS Calendar and your local Queens Council to stay in touch with neighbouring chapters.  
Note just one of her "clauses"
”I agree that the Queen Mother lists are the sole property of “----” and that it is at her discretion whether or not I receive a copy of the lists.”
This woman decides who she will or will not send to and seems to enjoy using her power to ban certain chapters from her list and mailings.

Her document goes on to state: If you don't want to sign the agreement, you will no longer receive updates to the Queen Mother lists
I believe that in the spirit of red hatting you should not be required to sign your life away to be on a mailing list.

In particular I am concerned that chapters have been banned for promoting events they are sponsoring, while another Vancouver Queen solicits business for her travel agency through the use of those lists with the aid of the “list keeper”. Meanwhile, these two women publicly humiliated another Queen and her chapter for doing something similar. Seems these two Queen Mothers believe rules are for others and they can do as they please.

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