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We thought you might be interested in something new that is happening for women.

The Crown Jewels of Canada Society is a new National Non-Profit Society just for women who live in Canada. It’s all about having fun and dressing up and of course wearing jewels.

As someone who enjoys collecting and wearing hats you might also be interested in joining this new club too.

During these rough economic times we think it’s important to try to keep our well-earned money in Canada.  In addition, we want to get back to the basics of just “having fun” and taking time out for ourselves to relax with friends for a few hours each month.  

What does our name mean to us?

CROWN - The Crown Jewels of England are perhaps the most famous collection of jewels in the world. The impressive coronation ceremony would lose much of its splendour without its jewelled regalia and richly-coloured robes. These symbols of kingship, equality and justice and of spirituality and mercy are indeed a stimulating and beautiful sight. The Crown Jewels are priceless, for much of their true value lies in their symbolism and historical interest.

JEWELS - Definition of Jewels:  ‘precious’  ‘valuable’  and  ‘attractive’  along with “One that is treasured or esteemed”  Doesn't that quite nicely described us? There is a wide variety of jewels just as we have a wide variety of women in our membership. We believe our members are all jewels! (No fakes!)

CANADA (our members all live in Canada) We are proud to be Canadians.
SOCIETY – A Not-for-profit society of members gathering together from across the country.

Our goal… to do what we do best. SOCIALIZE AND HAVE FUN.

If you are interested in more information please check out the web site at