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"I ' m a 10!" CHALLENGE
During the period of January 15 - March 30, 2008, Hatquarters will send a special, collectible "I ' m a 10!" button to each Purple Perks member who belongs to an active chapter which contains 10 or more Purple Perks members. (Remember, every Queen is already a PP member, so there ' s your first one!) Buttons will be sent on or before April 30, 2008.

Wear your buttons to any of the official Hatquarters-sponsored events during 2008. ("Decades of Sparkle," etc.) Each "I ' m a 10!" attendee will be recognized for her support and automatically receive 10 opportunity tickets for a private raffle just for our "10s".

"I ' m a 10!" CONTEST
The chapter signing up the most Purple Perks members within the contest period (Jan. 15 - March 30) will receive a grand prize. The winner will be announced during the "Decades of Sparkle" convention in Florida in June.

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