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Debra Granich Bio Red Red Hat Society CEO / President

In her role as chief executive officer for The Red Hat Society, Inc., Debra Granich has been instrumental in leading and building the organization's international business operations, including membership, product, events, entertainment, travel and more. During her seven-year tenure, The RHS, Inc. has grown into a leading international women's social organization with more than 30,000 chapters.

Previously, Debra held senior management positions for national retail store Contempo Casuals, then part of the Neiman Marcus Group. She subsequently transitioned to RHS from the Walt Disney Company where she held human resources leadership roles in Consumer Products and Theme Parks divisions. Among her responsibilities was the Dineyland Resort expansion project leading to the successful launch of an additional theme park, hotel and downtown shopping area.

Passionate about women's health, education and social issues, Debra believes in living the values and mission of the Red Hat Society. An avid traveler, she is committed to changing the traditional notion of aging worldwide.

Debra earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Fullerton and continues to be active in many social and business groups associated with her alma mater. Debra and her husband Boris have been married for more than 27 years and together they have two sons in college.


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