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We in B.C. have been offered the same policy as those in Ontario have. Our insurance agents are working with the same agency/underwriters that wrote the policy for red hatters in Ontario - AVIVA Insurance.

This insurance policy is only for members of the Red Hat Society and is done with the FULL KNOWLEDGE OF and SUPPORT of the RED HAT SOCIETY.

For $5 (+/-) a year I believe ladies would be foolish NOT to have insurance. It is a SMALL price to pay for piece of mind. Betty Ann and the others have learned the hard way and will not have piece of mind for at least 6 years until those 7 lawyers finally settle on this law suit.

Apparently the RHS is now just about the same size as the Boy Scouts and trust me the Boy Scouts, Girl Guides and almost every other group has insurance. In fact the RHS staff are all covered!

We are at a much greater risk here in Canada than those in the USA as our laws are different. Further, to obtain proper insurance to protect yourself, your home and your assets, individually would cost each lady approx. $200/year so for $5-10 we believe that this offer of insurance is wonderful.

We are not insurance agents, and we are not making one cent on this. We (Marg - in Ontario and myself in B.C. have worked long and hard on this, for the benefit of all of the red hat ladies in our respective provinces at no gain to ourselves other than a lot of hard work because ...

WE BELIEVE IN THE RED HAT SOCIETY and what it stands for!

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