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There is a lot of inaccurate information floating around. This is what the RHS has said in official broadcasts and posted on the QMB.

QUEENS BROADCAST May 14 2009  (click <--- to read the statements sent to all Queen Mothers)

RHS Comments in simple terms

Rules as they stand until December 2009 - Who Can Call Themselves a Member of the Red Hat Society


A note from the Legal Department of the RHS said:

We certainly do expect chapters and members to pay dues to belong to RHS.  It's a nomimal fee and anyone who does not participate (by paid membership), but pretends to be part of Red Hat Society, is in violation of our intellectual property and other rights of RHS.

In English that means:  anyone / group that represents themselves as part of Red Hat Society, but is not registered with RHS, could be liable for legal action.  That includes dressing as a hatter, acting like a hatter, calling oneself / the group "red / pink hatters, red / pink hat ladies, etc."  If it looks like a red hatter, acts like a red hatter, talks like a red hatter, all are perceived as belonging to the same club - the Red Hat Society.

If they want to continue to play as friends outside of red hatting, no problem.  Pick another color, don't wear the red/pink hats, do something else.  But don't claim to be RHS if you are not RHS.  Dianne/LadyDi, Communications Coordinator, RHS Hatquarters 


From: Red Hat Society <>
Date: Thu, May 14, 2009 at 9:20 PM
Subject: Revised Queen to Queens Broadcast - 05/14/2009



They say that the best things in life are free. I wish that were universally true, but... if it is, why is the Red Hat Society budget so hard to balance? If individual membership remains free (as it was for almost 11 years) the RHS will, before too long, cease to exist. That's not a threat; it's just a fact.

The original deadline for sign-ups was June 1, 2009. Many are aware of this, and the number of those who have already signed up is highly encouraging. It is a wonderful sign that there are, indeed, a whole lot of women out there who believe in the value of the RHS and want to see it survive and flourish for many years to come!

But, judging from the number of recent phone calls and emails to Hatquarters, it's clear that there are still large numbers of Hatters who either don't know about the new membership model or don't thoroughly understand the reason it is absolutely vital. To accommodate them we are extending the sign-up period until December 31, 2009. This will allow plenty of time for every Hatter to learn about the new membership model and make her personal decision regarding her own Supporting Membership.

If you haven't heard about this, or if you still have questions you need answered before you relay this to your chapterettes, there is a review at the bottom of this section, as well as a link to a Q and A section. Click here for FAQ.

Not surprisingly, there are those who are angry (even bitterly angry) about the situation – and they have been highly vocal in letting us – and the entire membership - know about it. Those of us in leadership at Hatquarters have heard their complaints, loud and clear, and we freely admit that some of the verbal attacks have succeeded in discouraging and disheartening us – but only temporarily. We must stay on the course we have chosen if the RHS is to go on, and we shall remain positive in our outlook. Our carefully considered response to these people follows:

Dear unhappy Red Hatter,

Come on, ladies! How do you think we do all that we do here? Do you really believe that this huge sisterhood can be supported and maintained without a healthy cash flow? If you find nothing we have said up until now credible or acceptable, it is doubtful that there is anything left to say that could win you over. If you really believe that we have done a poor job, that there is no real value to the RHS, that someone is getting rich (at your expense), or any of the other criticisms that have reached our ears, there really is nothing more to say.

We are determined to go forward with only the highest quality members – those who believe in what we're all building together and will grant us the courtesy of believing in the integrity of our leadership and the sincerity of our mission to the good-hearted, kind-spirited women of this world. We want to play only with others who want to play NICE!

Sheer quantity is of no interest to us - if it means having to deal with constant verbal attacks and ugliness of spirit - not if we must continually try to placate those who refuse to be placated.

If you are unhappy, if you don't want to support the RHS, please find something else to do. Please don't stay within our ranks with the express purpose of causing dissension and chaos! (We Red Hatters love a good Drama Queen, but not THAT kind of Drama Queen!)

How about starting something of your own? But, if you do, please have the personal integrity to start something original; don't continue to represent yourselves as "Red Hatters", and copycat everything we have built. That would be dishonorable.

And, to those of you who have done none of the above, but plan to just quietly discontinue your membership, we'd like to say this: We are sorry to lose you. If you discover that you miss being part of the Red Hat Society, you are always welcome to come back. We will be glad to have you – and no one will make a big deal about it. We promise!

Sincerely, Sue Ellen, Debra & all of us at Hatquarters


The new membership model is simple, consistent, and – best of all – fair. For her $39 USD yearly fee, each Queen may register her chapter. (Editors Note - Not sure why we now have to continue to pay "for the Chapter" when each individual must purchase a membership but the RHS stated that the Queen must pay $39 for the privilege to call herself the QUEEN) She will receive a printed charter, a special monthly Queen to Queens broadcast, access to online chapter management tools, and all other benefits included in her automatic Supporting Membership as well.

For $20 USD per year, each Supporting Member receives:

The Red Hat Society is all about the four "Fs": Fun, Friendship, Freedom, and Fulfillment. There is a fifth "F" that we haven't discussed: fairness. The fun and friendship meant to be enjoyed by all comes at a cost that should be willingly shared by all. The RHS cannot operate for free; and it is not fair that a small number of Supporting Members should pay for the fun (and public recognition) that all enjoy.

Questions? Please click here for answers.

Let's just get on with all that we have come to love most about the RHS – the fun of playing with friends (old and new), the freedom to be yourself, and the support and sisterhood of women who are determined to spread joy and positive vibes – wherever they go.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Remember: "Red Hatters Matter!"



Anyone who is part of a registered RHS chapter whose information (name, address and email) has been submitted for inclusion in the Hatquarters database is a member of the Red Hat Society in the eyes of Hatquarters. With this information we will know who our members are. 
(Editors Note: In other words if you are not listed on the RHS web site as a member of your chapter, in the Chapter Roster, you are already no longer considered a member of the RHS.)


What hatquarters has said officially:


There are two ways to belong to Red Hat Society: Chapter Queen and Supporting Member. There is no longer a "general" (free) member option.

* Chapter Queen Registration remains at $39 USD annually. This includes the Queen’s personal Supporting Membership in the Society, plus the legal chapter charter, etc.

* New members joining Red Hat Society pay $20 annually each to join.

* Existing non-paid members pay $20 annually each to continue to belong to Red Hat Society. There is a conversion period of six months to join officially (approx June 2009).

* Attendees to RHS sponsored events and multi-chapter events must be paid Supporting Members.

* The name of the Purple Perks membership card has been changed to Supporting Member Card and at this time has all the benefits of the original. Benefits will change as the years pass but this card is your true membership card.

* Existing Members with Perks are already Supporting Members and do not need to do anything.

* Only one Supporting Membership in the Society is required, it is good wherever you go. For ladies in multiple chapters, pick one as "home" and give your Member ID information to the other queens for their records.

This $20 (approx 5 cents a day) is a Membership fee to belong to Red Hat Society. It is not 'perks', it is not a discounts program. Membership is what entitles one to legally belong to RHS, grants name and brand identity usage, and to use all tools and services we provide.

It is each woman's personal choice to belong to the Society, based on how she values what hatting gives her. It is our hope that all members will look beyond their own small group and see and value the bigger picture of RHS and our mission of connecting women worldwide in their pursuit of fun, friendship, freedom and fulfillment. We believe this venture is worth continuing now and for future generations of hatters. We hope you all will continue to play and grow with us.



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