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The Purple Game Quiz.

1. To make the colour purple, you will need to mix which two primary paint colours?
Red and Blue
Yellow and Red
Blue and Yellow
Blue and Green
2. An American medal given to wounded soldiers is called "The Purple__________
3. A popular musical band of the 1970s was called:
Johnson Purple
Purple People Eaters
Deep Purple
Purple Jones
4. Which of the following gemstones is known for its purple appearance?
5. A song that came out in the 1950s was called the "The One-Eyed One-Horned Flying?
Purple People Eater
Poor Purple Gerry
Purple Spotted Bikini
Peter Purple Peter
6. In 2002, a vote was held by the manufacturers of M&Ms to decide on which of three new colours was the most popular. The first was purple, the other two were:
Tangerine and Almond
Aqua and Pink
Lemon and Rust
Red and Purple
7. The film "The Color Purple", starring Whoopi Goldberg as Celie, was made in what year?___________
8. Which of the following flowers is not traditionally a shade of purple?
Answers: 1.Red and Blue,2.Heart,3.Deep Purple,4.Amethyst,5.Purple People Eater,6.Aqua and Pink.7.1985,8.Sunflower

I also have this purple quiz that I do not know who to give credit to:

What is the name of a drink that uses vodka, triple sec, grape juice and cranberry juice? _______________________ (Purple Passion)

What plant puts out 2 kinds of foliage in 1 plant: a bushy settled type and a creeping searching type?______________________ (Purple Passion Plant)

A novel by Zane Grey that was made into a movie: "Riders of ______ ____________ _______ (the Purple Sage)

In Christianity, purple represents the sin of ______________ (pride)

A shade of purple, aubergine, is also the color of the skin of which vegetable? ________________ (eggplant)

Dating back to Roman times, purple could be worn only by _____________ (royalty)

Byzantine empresses gave birth in a purple room; hence, the phrase, "________ ____ ______ ___________." (born to the purple)

Beatnik cellar nightclub in San Francisco, begun in the 50's, is called the _____________ ____________ (Purple Onion)

Exaggerated or super-dramatic writing: _____________ ________. (purple prose)

Instead of asking for the year of the movie, I'd ask,

What major movie (a book first), came out in 1985 and starred Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey? ____ ______ _________ (The Color Purple)

I'd also change 2 other questions a bit:
Pop star Prince made a movie and album in 1984 called ___________ ____ (Purple Rain)

One of the most popular songs by Jimi Hendrix was _________ _______ (Purple Haze)