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Were you ever a cheerleader? Like so many girls, I wanted to be one. Like so many girls, I didn't get to do it. (The Vice-Mother DID!) Oh, how I longed to be one of those golden girls!

But, at this point in my life, I don't want to be a cheerleader - at least not of my chapter. I don't think any of you want to be a cheerleader either, if it means trying to coerce members to participate, beg them to R.S.V.P to event invitations, or wheedle them into agreeing to take a turn planning an outing. I get emails all the time from Queens who want advice as to how to light a fire under their members to DO something, to PARTICIPATE!

Don't do it. If you have to exert a ton of energy to get any chapterette to participate, she probably isn't really all that interested in being a member. That's perfectly OK. We suggest that you limit your chapter to women who enjoy getting out, having a lovely time, meeting new people, and enjoying life. Perhaps, on occasion, you will meet someone who needs a little encouragement, and certainly you may want to offer it. BUT, don't make this into a job. There are plenty of women out there who fit the bill for membership in our disorganization. Find them - and retire the pom poms and the megaphone!

In friendship,
Sue Ellen

Excerpt from FQM Sue Ellen Cooper and QMB re: Red Hat Core Attendance ~

All chapters seem to ebb and flow as ladies exit and new members enter. Not all women are interested in ďallĒ that the RHS has to offer. They see it as going to lunch once a month, and not much more. These ladies soon tire of wearing Red Hats and Purple. What is left are the ladies that enjoy playing dress up and exploring new things.

The RHS is good for women, and ladies will always seek us out. Some will stay and some will go, but with each new lady we meet our lives are richer. We come to accept the fact that not everyone is as interested in the RHS as we are~ thatís okay with us. We see the RHS as a party that we invite other ladies to, and itís their choice if they want to come and play.

Some ladies may see the RHS as a novelty. We see ourselves as wearing our Red Hats and dressing in Purple when we are 102, still strutting our stuff, and still having fun.

When you put on that Red Hat and Purple so much more is asked of you. You are asked to smile and talk to strangers because they are drawn to us. We donít just walk into a place, we make an entrance and all eyes are on us. Because we are so visible, we are watched; and yes, judged. Many ladies are not comfortable with being in the spotlight. These ladies will either come to love it or choose to leave. Sort of like a tidal wave, the secret is to ride that wave, and land standing on your feet laughing out loud.

So many women donít realize just how great they are. Life is a daring adventureÖ let it begin again at 40 or 140!


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